• Deep geothermal energy

    Decisive for successful deep geothermal energy projects is sustainable design and implementation of deep geothermal thermal power plants. gec-co designs geothermal electricity and heat generation plants for you.
  • Thermal water systems

    Individually designed thermal water systems are the basis for efficient, low-maintenance geothermal power plants. gec-co is your partner for all areas of plant engineering and plant design.
  • Greenhouse supply

    In order to ensure optimal integrated heat supply for greenhouses, gec-co designs geothermal heat plants including carbon dioxide separators for greenhouses plants.
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  • Local

    gec-co supports municipalities in planning and implementation of hydro- and petrothermal projects. These activities include currently Traunreut, Kirchweidach and Höhenrain.
  • National

    With branches in Augsburg, Bremen and Karlsruhe, gec-co is represented directly in the Molasse Basin, the Upper Rhine Graben and the North German Basin.
  • Europe

    gec-co designs geothermal power and heating plants in other European countries. The most recent projects are in the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania and Switzerland.
  • International

    gec-co is involved in the development of geothermal projects in the high and low enthalpy area worldwide. Current projects are in particular in Turkey, East Africa and China.

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