Civil Engineering

Civil Engineeringgec-co Global Engineering & Consulting-Company GmbH is authorised to submit building plans (pursuant to Art. 61, para. 2.5 BayBO [Bavarian Building Regulations]) for all German Federal States. On your behalf, we prepare all application documents for official approval and assist you with VOB-compliant tender procedures and the award and billing of your construction project. gec-co offers services for:

- geothermal energy projects
- transportation engineering
- structural engineering
- water supply
- wastewater disposal
- surface drainage

Our engineers translate your project into reality, taking full account of environmental conservation concerns – from initial idea through to implementation and completion. Our team’s focus is always on weather resistance and durability.

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  • Structural design, approval and execution planning
  • Award procedure
  • Site management
  • Drill site construction