CADAs part of an integrated product development process, for the drafting and design of technical solutions gec-co offers CAD, CFD and FEM calculation using all common programs. In each instance, the aim is to find the optimum design.

We construct 3D models based on industry-standard computer-aided design programs (CAD). Our engineers formulate the design flexibly, cost-effectively and in line with operational needs. Well-thought-out and economic designs increase the market prospects of your product.

With the aid of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) we calculate and optimise the fluidic properties of structural components. CFD flow simulations illustrate the pressure and velocity ratios precisely and offer reliable insights into the features of the design.

Using the finite element method (FEM), we analyse designs and rule out errors right from the development stage.

With data from FEM simulations, we also deliver the basis for improving stability and material efficiency.