Due Diligence

Usually due diligence is divided in a technical and economic due diligence. gec-co takes technical due diligence by identifying risks and opportunities as well as evaluating the project in the planning, construction and operating phase. In doing so, we assess your investment, the employee structure, the contracts, your business environment and the insurance concept. Based on this, our employees develop suggestions for improvement.

Flow Control

Flow Control is a new valve from gec-co. The pressure-maintaining valve reliably prevents pressure-induced cavitation as well as outgassing and scalings.

Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy refers to the use of energy stored in the form of heat in the subsoil to produce electricity and heat generation. As a renewable energy source, deep geothermal energy provides flexible electricity and heat around the clock.

Power plant

Deep geothermal plant generates out of thermal water power, heat and cold. gec-co is a specialist for power plants, which are desigend for and implemented in low-enthalpy regions. ORC or Kalina processes are usually used for this purpose.

Thermal water

Thermal water is water, which is by nature significantly warmer than the environment. Due to the standard definitions in Germany, groundwater, which has more than 20 degrees Celsius at its outlet site, is referred to as thermal water.